House of the Black Wolf is a charitable brand birthed by art duo Alex Copeland and Michi Rezin. Together, the two have combined their dark aesthetic, love of wolves, adoration of nature, and fondness of space imagery to bring forth the dark, cosmic, and sophisticated imagery that makes House of the Black Wolf.

For every purchase made, House of the Black Wolf donates 8% to the following charities:

1.California Wolf Center - “The California Wolf Center is a one-of-a-kind education, conservation, and research center located 50 miles east of San Diego, near the town of Julian, California. Founded in 1977 to educate the public about wildlife and ecology, the Center is currently home to several packs of gray wolves, some of which are exhibited for educational purposes. Our wolves serve as ambassadors representing wolves in the wild. We also host highly endangered Mexican gray wolves, now being reintroduced into the southwestern United States. A visit to the Center provides a unique experience involving one of the most charismatic and controversial species in North American history.” – info from

2.WildEarth Guardians
- “WildEarth Guardians protects and restores wildlife, wild rivers, and wild places in the American West. We have four programs focusing on wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and climate and energy.” – info from